Sanctuary Services~

 – Hypnotherapy and Integrated Wellness Services
~A place where the heart, soul, body and mind can rest


Reflections in Time

Are you desiring a mental, emotional or physical mini-retreat. We are here to be of service. We have spent much time exploring, learning about and understanding energy, rest and sleep. We offer mini-retreat / support services ranging from 20 minutes to all day.  Rest and recharge, nourishes your senses, or receive tele-support in the comfort of your own home.


Wellness services include:
Spiritual Services:
 Spiritual Support
Spiritual Life Coaching
Intuitive and Angel Readings
Angel Therapy®
Angel Reiki ®

Gifted and Psychic Children Support:

Family Spiritual Support
Intuitive, Psychic ability, Telepathy Education and Support
Intuition Education 

Energy Management:

Energy Review
Energy Support
Energy Protection Education
Energy Regulation Instruction
Support in Clearing the Past

Wellness Services:

Guided Imagery
Remote / Distance Healing

House Wellness: 

House Blessings
House Energy Clearings

Professional Services:

Compassionate communication instruction

The Spirit of Business:

Channeled Business Development Ideas

Channeled Marketing Plans
Channeled Product Ideas
Corporate Ministers

Professional Speaking and Training:

Inspirational Speaking
Professional Speaker Support

Training topics include –
Advanced Communication Skills
Creating Powerful First Impressions
Working Together for Success
Communicating without Offending ~ Diplomacy
Group Energy Dynamics
World Class Customer Service
Marketing for Success
The Human Side of Business®
Understanding Business Relationships
Advanced Sales Training
Train the Trainer
Becoming a World Class Speaker
Fearlessly Speaking
Let’s Talk about Telepathy
Life as a Telepath

Local, distance and on-line services available. 


I would love to be of service.
Feel free to call any time: Patrice Amore’ 541.482.4800



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