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Patrice’s Various Professional Offerings (Progression from past to present)

Patrice Amore’ Carington became Certified as a Personal Image Consultant in 1989. Since 1989 she has helped clients to create their best first impression and has done seminars on professional image. She utilized these tools to assist clients in building their self esteem and self worth.

After interviewing over 3000 business owners and executives to update their commercial credit report and to review their success strategies, Patrice added business development consulting to her offerings. Since 1992, she has served small and medium sized businesses and has coached business owners and managers in the following areas: business, leadership, sales, marketing, finance and corporate image.  In 1996 she began teaching programs on The Spirit of Business©.

During the time that Patrice was an International Communications Trainer, and since 1998, Patrice has also done personal success coaching. She supports clients in the areas of effective communication, relationship skills and overcoming emotional blocks to success. She supports clients in overcoming fear of success (or failure), and clarifying how their personal past affects their present. She assists them in changing thought patterns and belief systems, to propel them forward in creating more substantial success and prosperity in their lives. She also began teaching programs to assist clients in creating their Deepest Dreams of Love©.

In 2003, she opened the national phone coaching division of her business, and she added Spiritual Life Coaching to her offerings. She assists her clients in creating more harmony, clarity, and peace of mind. She provides emotional support to help them hear and follow their “inner guidance”, and to transition into their Highest Life Purpose. She also added a variety of energy healing modalities to her offerings.

In 2006, Patrice became a Board Certified Hypnotherapist (CHt) with advanced certifications in Self Worth, Stress Reduction, Overcoming Fears & Phobias, and Emotional Intelligence. She is presently working on her Board Certification in Medical Hypnotherapy (CMH).

In 2008, Patrice added programs for Inspired Love© and Inspired Living©. She assists and supports her clients to live their Highest Life Potential and to succeed in ALL of the areas of their lives. She uses all of her training and skills to assist individuals to create prosperity while operating from ethics, integrity and honesty. She teaches programs on The Spirit of Business© offering practical tools, ideas, strategies and solutions for running a business in the “new” energy of serving the Highest Good for All. She helps them to add heart and soul into everything they do. And to learn tools, and to balance their lives, so that they can create their Deepest Dreams of Love©.

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