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The world is changing fast. With the right amount of  inspiration, support, comfort, and caring, our lives can be much easier and grace-filled.

Do you have the support you need?   

I can help.
I am a Board Certified Hypnotherapist and I provide support and resources to uplift your spirit, comfort your heart, calm your mind and relax your body. My services include spiritual life coaching and inspirational speaking. I have 30 years of practical experience that i can draw from to assist you.

Feel free to call and tell me how I can contribute to your life?
Patrice Amore’ 541.482.4800 (call any time)
A little more about Patrice
As a Hypnotherapist, I have specialized in stress management, overcoming fears and phobias, emotional intelligence, and self worth. I have received additional hypnotherapy training in Profit, Personal Power & Prosperity and have over 30 years of business, marketing and leadership experience. I help with sleep, relaxation and energy issues.
I can help you rest better, become more calm and be on target for your highest life and purpose.
My experience includes international communications trainer, seminar leader, motivational speaker, business development and marketing consultant, and spiritual life coach. I have just started a healing center in Ashland, OR and will be serving clients internationally.


The Time is Now for optimal Well Being.
The Time is Now for Love.
The Time is Now for creating Inspired Relationships.
The Time is Now for creating the world of our dreams.


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