“Don’t have fear”

This is my feelings about all the things I have seen recently about
being “fearless”.

Don’t have fear.
or pain
or sadness
and definitely don’t have grief
or loneliness
or overwhelm
as a matter of fact, don’t have any feelings,
and you might as well forget about happiness
or joy
or glee
or bliss
or ecstacy
or elation
and you will be the perfect American
one who ignores their feelings.
You will be the ideal consumer
and you will buy, buy, buy
and you will ignore your pain and
ultimately, you will be fortunate enough to
get diabetes and
be obese
and you too can have alcoholism
or every drug addiction you can think of
and you can drive your children crazy
and put them in therapy for the rest of their lives

and you can purchase medication and
keep the pharmaceutical companies in business
and it wont be so noticeable at first

it will happen a little at a time
but your numbness will kill you
and get you one step at a time closer to your grave and
destroy your lifeforce and
if you do it right, you will get cancer and
feed the medical industry and all
the doctors and nurses who know nothing
about psychology and emotional wellness
and you to can support the consumeristic
and capitalistic machine
the one destroying everything on earth
raping and pilaging from every other country
and destroying mother earth
and feeding a hunger that
will never be met
A hunger for love
one for Spirit and purpose
and one for the full expression of the Human Spirit
as a whole, complete, unique entity that
has it’s own ideas
and it’s own path
and it’s own beautiful, wonderful, full expression.

Be the wonderful consumer and you will be gifted with
numbness, cancer and death.
It’s your choice, be real, be authentic, be honest,
and feel love and the full spectrum of human emotions that go with it
or be a mindless, following, cookie cutting robot
and do what you are told.
The choice is yours.
do it anyway.
I feel the full expression of human emotion
I love being alive, and full of LIFEFORCE and chi
and passion
and if it means today i am happy,
so be it.
if it means today that i am pain,
so be it
If it means today that i am
lost and confused
oh well

Each day I feel the joy of living
underneath my feelings

My body is healthy
my mind is happy,
I am real and
So it is.
I have feelings
I love them
they mean i am ALIVE.
I am not willing to kill my heart
or my body
or my Spirit
to follow the crowd
fit in
be accepted
be appreciated
or be valued

I am me
I am healthy and unaddicted
I have feelings

Some fear is important.
I feel terrified at the condition of the earth right now,
Mother earth is about to throw us pesky humans off
like fleas off a dog
we need to clean it up
Environmental illness is at an all time high
and people who are health fanatics are getting sick
and my inner fear for the potential destruction of the species
keeps me motivated to do my part to clean up the planet
and reduce environmental toxicity.
I feel fear and work focussedly to do my part.
And I love LIFE for all it is
Dont let anyone tell you how to feel
you are God/Godess in form with
the full expression of human emotion
with a body that is a biochemical act of Genius
and a Spirit of insurmountable Power,
Strength and fortitude
Be real and be SUSTAINABLE!

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