Love coaching ~

Helping you to have all of the tools necessary to live your Deepest Dreams of Love©


Some people call me Ms. Amore’.

You can think of me as your own personal “Love Guru”.

I am passionate about creating happy, healthy relationships for myself and others. It’s what I live for!

I have been studying relationships my entire life, and I can help you with what I have learned and observed.

My professional knowledge derives from over 20 years of studying psychology, emotional intelligence  / emotional well-being,  communication, spirituality, metaphysics (manifestation principles), inspirational leadership, and team building.

I am also an international communications trainer that teaches relationship skills, conflict resolution, negotiation skills, and diplomacy to people throughout the world.

I utilize a variety of healing and energy modalities, which include emotional support (traditional “talk therapy”), hypnotherapy, and reiki, among other things, to help you to heal and clear issues. My philosophy is: ”It isn’t healed until you are restored back to the place where you were, before the pain occurred.”

I use my intuition, and utilize skills I have learned and developed, from my own personal growth journey of over 29 years.  I utilize subtle energy awareness and spiritual energies to guide and direct our process.  I also use my Italian (“the Lovers of the world”) instinct, to help you come up with creative solutions to challenges. (Do you remember Leo Buscalia?)

Together, we locate and remove your blocks to your greatest Good and greatest LOVE.

I can help you to finally get past on-going issues and patterns within yourself and with those around you. I can help you to have more peace and harmony in your life and in your relationships with others.

Relationships can be a path of self discovery and growth. If you are finding that this is so for you, I can help you to navigate through your experiences and accelerate your process so that you can save time, money and energy from the challenges that can occur in relationship.



85% of what contributes to our interpersonal and
financial success is our communication skills

I can help you to integrate Diplomatic Communication Skills (communicating without offending) into all of your relationships. My philosophy is “Do it once, Do it right”. I can help you to create clarity and intention so that your relationship with yourself and others can be highly satisfying and fulfilling.  I offer practical tools that can be implemented immediately to help you to create more success.

Healthy relationships are a completely different creation, than anything else we bring in our lives. They require a different skill set to manifest, then manifesting ”things”. I can teach you this skill set.

I have the ability to see clearly the core of an issue, so that you can clean it up immediately, with the least effort possible. I can help you to have this clarity.

You can have your own personal “Love Guru” not  just for relationship with your loved ones, but with your coworkers, “neighbors”, acquaintances and even people you don’t really like, but need to interact with.

I would love to be your confidante and support. I am here to be of service.

Call Anytime:  Patrice Amore’ 541.482.4800






“It is only with the heart that one can see rightly;
what is essential is invisible to the eye.”
-Antoine de Saint-Exupery